Right now I’m just going to show what I’ve been working on lately. Later on I will show how I did it, but since I’m getting married in less than a week, things are a bit hectic. This set is for a series at MSM about wisdom. We came up with the title after talking about what our idea of being wise is; and to us it is all based around being rooted in God’s word.  The “Curse of the Fortune Cookie” part comes from the idea of not giving into worldly wisdom, or “fortune cookie” wisdom. The project is a spin off of last time we did it, in which I had just started working for MSM. Last time I had drawn and watercolored a graphic and composited it into photoshop. There were no moving parts, except for the backscreen behind the stage, which had a flickering light and particles floating around.

The original:

This time I used the same graphic, but used photoshop to traced the layers and import the paths into Cinema 4D. Then I took the render from C4D into After Effects for a touch up, then into Final Cut Pro to edit and compress.

This is the intro video, which comes on after worship and fills the dead time while the kids are going back to their seats.

This is the main video which loops seamlessly. It’s up on the screens most of the time.

This is the worship background, which also loops seamlessly. It’s used for worship, as the words go in the dead space. We also use it for sermon notes, so there’s alot of versatility with this stuff.

This video goes on the back screen behind the stage. It’s about 8 feet tall and never changes.