[Why] At MSM, we’re putting together a revival week for Middle Schoolers called “Ascend”. Our goal is to lead students to answer the call and rise above the mess. The idea is that if we never elevate our thoughts and life towards God, we will be living a linear life, never heading upwards. We would be stuck in the fog and haze our entire life. But if you look upwards towards God, your life will begin to ascend towards Him.
This promo graphic didn’t take long, and thankfully so. I am working on a new series for the summer and didn’t have much time to give. Luckily it went alright. I’m going to try to make it better for print material and the actual event, but this will work for now.
[How] Did a quick model using a landscape primitive in C4D, put the extruded text on top and used some pyroclusters for the clouds. Then brought it into photoshop and composited the background and text. Here are the project files.