If you’re unaware, we just designated two new logos for our ministries recently. They are pretty cool, and everyone seems like the feel they give. We’ve been trying to come up with some new logos for at least a year, and the fact we finally got them nailed down feels pretty good. So you can understand my frustration (in a good way) that as I was creating a moving background for our upcoming Cliques Open House, I created something in 15 minutes that could easily make me change my mind. That’s what you call design torture.
The idea came from the Open House advertisement I just made that features a red circle. That circle idea (however simple it may be) came from our old red circle carpets that the groups would sit around during Cliques. You can figure it out from there.
-Check out the screenshot of my render above.
Here’s the original advert: (it’s a double sided card. the line signifies the break)

You can see the new Cliques logo at the bottom left of the right side. I’m stumped. At least this is a nice problem to have.