It’s been a very long time since we’ve really done anything with the stage. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been cool, it just means up until a couple weeks ago we’ve wanted to kill ourselves everytime we looked at it. When you see something so much and dedicate so much time and effort into making a room look cool, you get frustrated when you don’t have much to work with. I’d been thinking about this particular design for a while but hadn’t figured out a cost effective way to do it. Well, I finally got it.

Before (a typical weekend)


The new stuff




  • 2 8ftx6ft skeletons made with various sizes of 2×4’s
  • White spandex to wrap around the front of the boxes
  • 16 Chauvet Ledsplash Jr 86b’s (Pssl’s ebay store has refurbs for about $55 each)
  • Insulation board on the back and sides for reflection

Under stage-

  • 6 3ftx2ft Coroplast sheets fixed to the front of the platforms
  • 6 American DJ mega bars

At the moment, each row of ledsplash jrs’ in the lightboxes are on the same channel, but hopefully when we get a better light board we can afford to separate the lights. So that’s 1 channel per row, and 4 for the entire box set up. You can see in some of the pictures that the possibilities of animation are endless, especially if you set up a chase. A big bonus for below the stage is the Mega Bars’ animated functions. I had no idea they did that running stuff till I flipped there on accident. Nice surprise!

In addition to the new stuff, we still have some Roboscans and SCX700’s for intelligents, and some LED washes scattered about. It’s all controlled by an Elation Magic 260.