As my good friends near their 1 year anniversary, I began thinking about everything they mean to me. They’ve been nothing but great examples and guiding lights to my wife and I. Roy even officiated my own wedding. Revisiting that time period also let me remember everything I went through making their wedding slideshow. From shooting video at Roy’s proposal to hauling my laptop into the wedding rehearsal to do last minute edits. But I’d go back and do it all over.
This video took forever to make. I created the polaroids one by one in Photoshop, with the number into the hundreds (Photoshop’s .png saving routine is very tedious and time consuming). Luckily, though, After Effects was kinder. I used a script to distribute each layer across the X axis, with varying degrees of rotation for a less uniform look. Add a little particular and love, and this is what you get:

Music- Jarn by Stafraenn Hakon