If you’ve ever tried to do a series on the Gospel of Jesus and also needed a graphic set for it, you may have noticed that the immediate images you might think of are ancient scrolls, deserts, crosses, and pretty much everything old and musty. I went there too, but decided I didn’t want to stay there. We’ve got a group of 200 or so Jr highers who want the exciting truth of the Savior who is actively pursuing them, not an old guy who died 2000 years ago. In response to that thought, I wanted to go bright and modern, but still heavenly.
+Cinema 4D
+After Effects
+“Nova Solid” font

To create the movement of the clouds and logo, I first animated the logo in Cinema 4D and then matched it in After Effects. The clouds are extended into z-space for the appearance of depth. I included some depth of field in the camera as well in order to help in that illusion of distance.

Here are some screenshots of my workflow for those interested.